Elite Eight

Philly Region

The Sidecar Bar & Grille vs Tony & Nick’s Steaks

2024 March Cheesesteak Madness

Philly Region – Elite Eight match-up

The old and the new.  Tony & Nick’s has been serving cheesesteaks under I-95 forever.  At least as long as I-95 has been there.  They are having a March Cheesesteak Madness.  They are representing the old school cheesesteak places very well.  They have brought a very good traditional cheesesteak to every round.  On the other hand, a social media comment said the judges have sold out to fancy cheeses and sauces.  I like to think the judges are evolving.  Good match of two very different places/cheesesteaks.

Delco + 6 Region

Pop’s Pizzeria vs Delco Steaks

2024 March Cheesesteak Madness

Delco + 6 Region – Elite Eight match-up
Very close match between two very similar cheesesteaks.  In the end all three judges voted for the same cheesesteak.  I apologize in advance for the choppy editing of this video.  But, this gives me a chance to talk about ‘Contestant Videos.’  Every contestant has their own 3 minute video.  Get to know more about each and every contestant.  The videos can be found on MarchCheesesteakMadness.com and Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure YouTube channel, 2024 MCM contestant playlist.

Other Counties Region

Goombas Pizzaria vs Verona Pizza

2024 March Cheesesteak Madness

Other Counties Region – Elite Eight match-up

It’s a long drive to Goombas but I don’t hate making it several times a year.  I always get my biscotti for the next day’s breakfast.  This cheesesteak hit me with a lot of High School cheesesteak memories.  It was the fried onions that had a ‘we’ve been using this grill for 40 years’ taste.  Verona Pizza is a new place.  They have a new grill and a big cheesesteak.  I think I’m going to call it the ‘tsunami.’ 

New Jersey/Delaware Region

Ry & Howie’s Steaks & Hoagies vs Scalessa’s My Way Old School Italian Kitchen

2024 March Cheesesteak Madness

New Jersey/Delaware Region – Elite Eight match-up

If these two cheesesteaks had a baby it would win March Cheesesteak Madness.  Ry & Howie’s is a new place.  Most people agree they make a very good cheesesteak.  But half the comments I get mention their Old World Italian Hoagie.  Scalessa’s meatballs, butter cake and Donnie’s singing, If you know, you know.  Two very good but different cheesesteaks.  Who wins?  Great meat with a good supporting cast.  Good meat with a great supporting cast?