Hi I’m Jim Pappas host of the Cheesesteak Stories podcast

I‘ve reviewed over 1,100 different cheesesteaks.

When I talk to someone about their favorite cheesesteak, I hear about my dad’s favorite place, grandma’s cooking, 1st and last dates.

Philadelphians love cheesesteaks because they are embedded with our happiest memories and favorite stories.

Six years ago I started the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure.  My quest to find the ultimate cheesesteak.  Since then I have graded and reviewed over 1,100 different cheesesteaks.  I have a 5 category scoring system.  I track my reviews on a 36 column spreadsheet.

I was out one day and a man told me John’s Roast Pork is one of his top 3 favorite cheesesteaks.  He wanted to know why I gave it a bad score.  I asked him why it was one of his favorites.  He told me about the first time he and his dad did something together.  No mom or siblings.  He felt so grown up.  They went to south Philly for a car show and then to John’s for a cheesesteak.  When he told me about his dad holding his hand in the crowded line he was unconsciously clasping his hands.  We talked about dad’s for 15 minutes.  No mention of roll, meat or cheese.

I’ve made, heard and shared a lot of cheesesteak stories.  I want to capture these stories on a podcast.  The Cheesesteak Stories Podcast.  The world wants to know why Philadelphians love cheesesteak.  

Both episodes are available below and my YouTube channel; Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure.